We have LOST ourselves. On a deserted, black lava sand beach, in high, foaming waves, in a deep jungle of palm trees and sweet melancholic thoughts. Surfing waves at sunrise against a backdrop of pristine black lava sand, enjoying bonfires on the beach, self-harvested coconuts in the turquoise pool or an aroma massage in the jungle spa, sumptuous plant-based dinners at the restaurant and the sharing of stories.

Jungle Panorama Suite

From $395 per night

Enjoy the view of the lush green jungle and the temples of LOST LINDENBERG. Waking up among the palms and falling asleep to the rhythm of the waves.

Ocean Panorama Suite

from $445 per night

Get swept aways by the breathtaking view in the first row to the sea. The waves are the first thing you see when you wake up and the last thing you hear when you go to sleep. A dream of a suite awaits you.


LOST LINDENBERG  operates as far as possible in an environmentally friendly, low-waste manner. Solar panels supply our property with energy, and fruits and vegetables from  LOST’S  own permaculture are used in the restaurant. All products such as soaps and toilet paper, are produced regionally and fairly; litter is collected in weekly beach clean-ups; and our restaurant is entirely plant-based (free of animal products).


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