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Pekutatan Bali, Indonesia

LOST LINDENBERG is our fifth project, and the first in Indonesia. LOST LINDENBERG is elevated high amongst the treetops of the West Balinese palm jungle, set on a long and pristine, glistening black lava sand beach.

Eastend Frankfurt, Germany

Between LINDLEY LINDENBERG’S walls: A plant-based restaurant, a fresh indoor herb farm, two communal kitchens, a cosy library and living room with vinyls and a record player, a spacious event area with a varied cultural programme, coworking spaces, a roof terrace with bar and a gym.

Alt-Sachsenhausen Frankfurt, Germany

Since we opened its doors in 2016, LIBERTINE LINDENBERG has welcomed guests to its 27 one- to three-bedroom suites, a living room café, a recording studio, a little gym, an open kitchen area overlooking the rooftops of Alt-Sachsenhausen, and LEKKER Lädchen – a shop selling plant-based home-grown produce.

Eastend Frankfurt, Germany

Our original guest collective LINDENBERG RÜCKERTSTRASSE is tucked away behind the façade of a nearly 150-year-old city villa in the heart of Frankfurt. It offers its guests ten fully-equipped suites and plenty of generous community spaces.
In the middle of the forest you find LUCHS LINDENBERG, a tiny, half-timbered house from 1903, which we have lovingly redesigned. Autumn forest, originality and homeliness determine the atmosphere of the small, fully equipped hideaway.


Our goal is to turn our community into a worldwide collective of progressive city dwellers with humanistic ideals and create a contemporary living culture in which the most important factors are community spirit, sustainability, culture, style and a strong social attitude. The balancing act between profitable ventures and value-based work, between classic hospitality business and community culture determines the work of our young organisation.  LINDENBERG is a unique hybrid that’s ready to meet the challenges of the future – above all, that of climate change.


LINDENBERG has made a name for itself internationally, won awards and received coverage via top notch features.


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