Living at Lindenberg

LINDENBERG RÜCKERTSTRASSE is tucked away behind the façade of a 150-year-old city villa in the heart of Frankfurt, with ten fully-equipped one or two-bedroom suites and plenty of generous community spaces. Here, we truly live our ideal of a guest collective, all the suites are for longterm use. You will meet your roomies in the fully equipped communal kitchen, dining room, fireplace lounge, terrace and garden, fitness studio, and in our plush cinema with a bar. Welcome home!


From 109€ per night


From 149€ per night

Playful red accents meet original white stucco. A selection of our favorite books await you on top. A suite to dream in.

Luna & Lucy

from 149€ per night

Skyline view and flooded with sunlight. An oasis of calm in the hectic city.


From 129€ per night

Dipped in purple with lovely design details. Welcome home.


from 149€ per night

Spaciousness, a multifunctional cube and maximum coziness. A suite to escape from everyday life.


From 149€ per night

Sunlight, high-end wooden touches, and skyline views. In the rooftop suite, you’re a little closer to heaven.


from 149€ per night

In the LOTTA, the charm of the old building royally shines through. With artistic details and a lovely balcony.

Lulu & Laila

from 159€ per night

An urban dream. These comfortable, stylish two-room suites offer enough space for quality time with your favorite people.


All LINDENBERG houses located in Frankfurt invite you to stay timelessly. Overnight guests are just as welcome as those who are looking for not just a room, but a second home for days, weeks, months or even years. At the LINDENBERG, everyone can decide for themselves what and how much they want. And above all, be what and how they are.


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