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Proximity to nature is the essence of our hotels. Sustainability, local sourcing, and a mindful approach to the environment are integral to us. Our permaculture garden in the Taunus, supplying our restaurants and hotels with homegrown fruits and vegetables, was a key part of our concept long before “sustainability” became a buzzword. We are a purely plant-based brand, reflecting our commitment to the environment. This applies to our LEUCHTENDROTER Restaurant and the SEVEN SWANS, Europe’s first starred vegan restaurant. Our approach to sustainability is understated but fundamental. The rise of vegan cuisine in restaurants and hotels is indicative of a broader environmental and tourist-focused shift. Our bakery partner, LEUCHTENDROTER DELICATESSEN, offers plant-based breakfast and treats, contributing to a delightful green travel experience. Enjoying opulent bowls in a vegan, health-conscious manner is akin to feeling like Marie Antoinette, but with a mindful carbon footprint. Social responsibility is a cornerstone of our approach to tourism and travel: our first hotel launched the non-profit PfefferminzGreen, supporting social projects in Africa and intertwined with our hotels’ work. We strive for a social and environmental value chain in travel and tourism, and in life generally.


GreenSign Label: Our Frankfurt hotels have been awarded the GreenSign certificate, affirming their commitment to sustainable, environmental-friendly hotel management. Hotels with GreenSign certification excel in ecological commitment, social engagement, and economic success. This certification enables a sustainable positioning in the national and international market, enhancing the continual development of our green travel initiatives and ecotourism. Sustainable, climate-friendly travel, plant-based nutrition, and vacationing with nature in mind go beyond consumer trends, addressing broader environmental and tourist needs.


The LUCHS LINDENBERG, our nature-immersed hideaway project dating back to 1903, is ideal for those seeking a tranquil, environmentally-conscious vacation in the countryside. A haven for plant-based enthusiasts, wellness here means aligning with nature. Guests can enjoy our sustainably-built natural pool in a garden setting, encompassed by fields and forest. Choosing a vegan lifestyle while traveling is a natural extension of valuing nature’s proximity. Sustainable travel, resource-efficient wellness, and staying in organic hotels in the countryside – key to sustainable tourism – are increasingly sought after. We aim for lasting sustainability in travel, not a fleeting trend, and advocate for a fundamental shift in travel, wellness, and tourism culture to lessen environmental impact.


In all we do, being non-dogmatic is key. Freedom is a core value, and we acknowledge the long journey ahead in environmental and tourist-friendly practices. Yes, we are a plant-based, certified sustainable hotel brand. Yes, our restaurants offer plant-based options, appealing to more than just plant-based diners. Yes, we partner with a plant-based bakery. Yes, we practice permaculture in the countryside. Yes, we are committed to building and living sustainably. Yes, we publicly stand against racism. Yes, we believe in sustainable, green travel. Yes, we favor Austria over Dubai for its lower carbon footprint. Yes, we prefer train travel to reduce CO2 emissions. Yes, our hotel is a home for every guest. Yes, we see the lighter side of yoga retreats. Yes, we’d prefer Saxon Switzerland without AfD voters. But above all, fun reigns supreme, and sternness falls behind. #NEONONSENSE forever.

In summary:

  1. We are a vegan brand committed to sustainable travel.
  2. Sustainable travel is a matter close to our hearts.
  3. Reducing CO2 emissions and achieving climate neutrality is our collective goal.
  4. Travelling to us means coming home.
  5. Our vegan cuisine is rich in flavor and umami.
  6. Vegan hotels are sexy.
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