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LINDENBERG lives from culture, and culture lives from LINDENBERG. Anyone who has ever been to an event at our venues in Frankfurt am Main, whether an intimate concert on the stage of the in-house recording studio LOTTE LINDENBERG, an exhibition at LITTLE MAN WITH THE LIGHTNING or an event at PANOPTICON at LINDLEY LINDENBERG, will quickly feel our deep connection to art and music. With institutions such as the Städel Museum, the Museum of Applied Arts, the Schirn, and the legendary Club Robert Johnson, Frankfurt am Main is a popular destination for travellers and Frankfurt residents who are particularly fond of art and culture. LINDENBERG relies on collaborations that promote the cultural dialogue between hospitality and the cultural scene in Frankfurt am Main: Guests get discounted conditions for tickets to the museum, current exhibitions, even a party in Schwedlersee or currently for the Rembrandt exhibition in the Städel. Rare works by the artist Rembrandt are shown in the “Call Me Rembrandt” exhibition in the Frankfurt Museum. The exhibition looks for the first time at Rembrandt’s success story from the young, ambitious artist from Leiden to the famous master in Amsterdam. Sixty works of art, including paintings by Rembrandt, enter into dialogue with pictures by other artists of his time. In addition to current exhibitions, the Städel Museum’s collection is well worth seeing. We encourage our guests to combine the experience of the guest collective and the experience of culture in Frankfurt am Main. After a visit to an exhibition in the Städel Museum, the collection in the Schirn, a theatre or an event in a club or the Alte Oper, the guest is welcome to visit our Bar Marmion in the LINDLEY LINDENBERG, have a snack in the LEUCHTENDROTER restaurant or if the event calendar allows you to attend an in-house event. Speaking of in-house events: We have regular readings, concerts by exceptional bands of all genres, and every now and then, a small party and cooking evenings in our communal kitchens. Our artists in residence initiate various events to which guests and Frankfurters are invited. This is Frankfurt am Main – the city of many cultural opportunities. Our cooperation partners range from Jazzmontez in the Lola Montez club to El Barrio in the Museumsufer. The good thing is that thanks to the hotels’ good location, you can quickly get anywhere, even on foot. The Städel can be reached from our houses in a lovely walk along the Main. Next to the Städel, there is museum after museum, with art concentrated in one place. Frankfurt am Main is the cultural capital of our hearts. Book your stay in one of our houses now, and we will take you into the art-filled city!


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