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NYEPI, Bali’s New Year and a magical day of silence where everything on the island stands still, the airport is closed, the streets will stay empty, the beaches deserted, and the waves un-surfed as the stars shine brighter than on any other night.

There is no place like LOST to spend this unique Balinese New Year’s Celebration. Immerse yourself in the sanctuary of LOST LINDENBERG and restore your balance with our NYEPI PACKAGE.


  • 2N3D or 3N4D
  • Welcome Jamu upon arrival
  • Full Board including breakfast, lunch & dinner
  • Daily afternoon tea
  • Pekutatan Village Ogoh Ogoh parade
  • Surfing at LOST beach*
  • Yoga at the pergola*
  • Bonfires on the beach*

*Only available 9-13th of March
** Not available during Nyepi Day, 11th of March
NYEPI starts at 6:00 am on the 11th of March until 6:00 am on the 12th of March.

OR BOOK VIA lost@thelindenberg.com


Nyepi is the Balinese “Day of Silence” that marks the start of the Balinese Hindu New Year. It is celebrated annually on a date determined by the Balinese Saka calendar, usually in March or April. On Nyepi Day, the island of Bali observes a day of silence, fasting, and meditation. The island’s streets and beaches are empty; the airport is closed. Even internet service providers are asked to shut down mobile internet services for a day.

The purpose of Nyepi is self-reflection and meditation, as Balinese Hindus believe it to be a time for cleansing and renewal. The day before Nyepi, colourful processions with Ogoh-Ogoh (demonic statues made of bamboo and paper symbolising harmful elements or evil spirits) are paraded and then burned to drive away evil spirits.
Nyepi is a unique aspect of Bali’s cultural and religious life, reflecting the blend of spirituality, community, and respect for the natural world that characterises Balinese Hinduism.


  • Please ensure you contact us to organise your arrival due to road closures for the Ogoh Ogoh Parade and possible heavy traffic.
  • Kindly inform us about your transportation arrangements.
  • If you want to watch the parade, we will gladly take you. Ogoh Ogoh in Pekutatan is an incredible “Real Bali Experience.” Many members of our LOST TEAM will also participate in the Parade.
  • You cannot leave LOST LINDENBERG from Monday, 11 March at 6 am until Tuesday, 12 March at 6 am as all street activities are forbidden. Please note that the beach access will also be closed. However, you are welcome to roam the vast gardens at LOST, find a meditative nook or chillax by the pool.
  • Starting Monday 6 am, please keep lights and noise to a bare minimum for 24 hours. You will also find lanterns in your room.

OR BOOK VIA lost@thelindenberg.com

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