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LINDENBERG Collective:
The importance of our community – and its connection to Sierra Leone

LINDENBERG was founded in 2012, the vision of a small group of flatmates in a charming old villa in Frankfurt’s Ostend. Since then, we have opened more hotels, pursuing the dream of creating communities that erase the barriers between guest, host and the building itself. Our hotels invite guests to experience a timeless atmosphere in which they are encouraged to not just reside in their own rooms but also feel at home in various communal areas. Overnight guests are just as welcome as those who are looking to build an ongoing relationship with LINDENBERG and create for themselves a second home for days, weeks, months or even years.

Our goal is to turn our community into a worldwide collective of progressive city dwellers with humanistic ideals and create a contemporary living culture in which the most important factors are community spirit, sustainability, culture, style and a strong social attitude. The balancing act between profitable ventures and value-based work, between classic hospitality business and community culture determines the work of our young organisation. LINDENBERG is a unique hybrid that’s ready to meet the challenges of the future – above all, that of climate change.

LINDENBERG has always followed the approach of so-called conscious business. Our hotels are all vegan, making use of fruit, vegetables, and herbs, grown at our own permaculture in the Taunus mountains, the BRAUMANNSWIESEN. The ongoing charitable projects of LINDENBERG’s non-profit sister organisation, PFEFFERMINZGREEN e.V., are supported through their involvement with LINDENBERG‘s marketing and event activities. Through such collaboration, it has been possible to open a small tailoring shop in Sierra Leone that secures non-violent jobs for former female genital mutilation workers. Many of the fabrics used at the LINDENBERG hotels such as pillowcases, bags and slippers are produced there, ensuring, amongst other things, that there is ongoing demand for their work.

Attitude and courage are at the heart of every LINDENBERG project. A copper sign at the entrance to the LINDLEY hotel informs guests that LINDENBERG would rather the (right-wing extremist) Alexander Gaulands of this world remain outside. We want to welcome into our communities only those people who love the world as much as we do.



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