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All LINDENBERG hotels, whether in Frankfurt am Main or Bali, invite you to stay timeless. Overnight guests are just as welcome as those looking for a second home in Frankfurt am Main for days, weeks, months, or even years. Hotelschmotel guest collective: At LINDENBERG, everyone can decide for themselves what and how much they want. And above all, be what and how they are. LINDLEY LINDENBERG’s favourite designers from Studio ABERJA from Frankfurt am Main have artfully spruced up the rooms. Handcrafted unique pieces, restored Thonet furniture, design pieces from selected manufacturers, and more than 500 works by contemporary artists adorn the Frankfurt hotel. Breakfast is available downstairs in the restaurant, and it is vegan, like in all LINDENBERG hotels.

Longstay in Frankfurt am Main, check-in without check-out. Three houses, a guest collective: We rent long-term rooms in our Frankfurt hotels in the districts of Ostend and Alt-Sachsenhausen. Every morning, coffee on LINDLEY’s roof terrace in Ostend near Main, breakfast in LIBERTINE’s cooking landscape with Frankfurt skyline view, newspaper reading in our old building villa in idyllic surroundings, sports in the gyms of the hotels, picking wild herbs in the indoor farm, Netflix in the cinema bar or LEKKERes in our restaurants: If you live with us in Frankfurt am Main, you not only have a cheap room in beautiful accommodation in Frankfurt, but access to the entire LINDENBERG world. Hotel meets residential collective.

The hotels LINDLEY and LINDENBERG RÜCKERTSTRASSE are located in the increasingly exciting district of Ostend in recent years. Not far from the Hanauer Landstraße, near the Main. Ostbahnhof U-Bahn station and Ostendstraße S-Bahn station are within walking distance, in the heart of Frankfurt-Ost. Convenient connection to Messe Frankfurt, Frankfurt Airport, Friedberger Anlage, Frankfurter Osthafen, Paul-Arnsberg-Olatz, Bornheim, and Frankfurt City. With restaurants, culture, Frankfurt Zoo, ECB, design hotels, boutique hotels, and Frankfurt’s typical cafés and cider bars nearby. Parking is available in the hotel and the side streets of the property. If you google ‘Hotel in Frankfurt in Ostend, ‘ you may not find us at first, but you will end up at other hotels. There are hotels in Frankfurt, like Sand by the Sea. We don’t see ourselves as a classic hotel. We are a bunch of idealistic minds who want to rethink living together. Find accommodation in the sense of shelter & home. Hotel in the sense of the “WG without disadvantages,” with the comfort and service of a classic hotel. Why Frankfurt? Because we love this city and see the beauty in its neuroses. At first glance, Frankfurt am Main is smooth with its banks and high-rise buildings. Above all, however, Frankfurt is cheeky. Frankfurt is professional with its many companies and bosses. But Frankfurt is also a piled up. There are glamorous districts, there are broken districts. There is the Main, there are pools. There are luxurious, best, and descending, cheap hotels. With the Ostend and Alt-Sachs, we have selected places that combine these contradictions. Those contradictions that we love so much in the city of Frankfurt. Hotel Frankfurt, I’ll never check out again. 069 forever.

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