LIBERTINE focuses on delicious, exclusively plant-based cuisine. The vegetables and fruits come from sustainable cultivation: depending on the harvest in collaboration with LINDENBERG‘s own BRAUMANNSWIESEN, our permaculture project in nearby Taunus. In our spacious cooking landscape, guests can prepare their own feast – and sometimes, we invite friends and guest chefs over for dinner parties. In the LIBERTINE, the motto is: make yourself at home, which means take whatever you need, on a basis of trust.

Libertine's Breakfast

Homemade granola, apple juice from a farmer in the Taunus region, freshly baked croissants from the bakery around the corner and aromatic coffee from our favourite roastery Hoppenworth & Ploch: breakfast at LIBERTINE LINDENBERG is not about a huge buffet, but about lovingly curated sweet and hearty dishes that are the perfect way to start the day. All this is available in LIBERTINE’S living room café.

Daily from 8:00am – 10:00am.


Lekker Store

Midnight cravings or in-between snack? In the LEKKER Lädchen you will find everything your hungry heart needs: from muesli to chocolate, plus chips and wines. All vegan. Based on trust, just enter your consumption in the list and get your cooking session in our community kitchen with curated products started. Enjoy!

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