Libertine's 19

From 109€ Per night

This room is just right for coziness, compactness and focus on the essentials. On perfectly organized 19m² you can relax and forget the world around you. With aesthetic design details and high quality materials.

Libertine's 23

From 129€ Per night

LIBERTINE‘s 23m² in a nutshell: comfort meets design, old building charm meets contemporary art. Not only the coziest box spring bed, but also a small sitting area to linger awaits you here.

Libertine's Maisonette

From 134€ Per night

In the 24 m² maisonette of  LIBERTINE  life takes place on two floors. As if caught in a pastel dream, you can work at your desk downstairs, linger in the sitting area and, of course, chill on your super cozy bed upstairs.

Libertine's 25

From 144€ Per night

Treat yourself without compromising. In the spacious 25m² category of  LIBERTINE  you can take a deep breath and feel like home. The room is equipped with everything you need by our favorite designers.

Libertine Apartment

Libertine's Apartment

From 184€ Per night

Under the wooden sloping roofs on the top floor is LIBERTINE‘s favorite place. Right here, you’ll find the most spacious apartment in the house – with a beautiful skyline view. Feel like a local and completely immerse yourself in our world.

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